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Custom Mold & Molding Service

Upmold is a professional precision mould manufacturer,we offer full-Service for mold and molding,that details such as below:

1)Custom Plastic injection mold services, Read More;

2)custom precision die casting services, Read More;

3)precision plastic injection molding services, Read More.

our second services

1)mold components customize services, Read More

2) custom rapid prototype services,Read More;

3)silicone rubber parts services,Read More;

4)Manufacturing Assembly & Packaging Services,Read More;

5)Custom Manufacturing Decorating Services,Read More.

Our full service capabilities include the support and acceptance of existing tooling transfers, mold repairs, and a comprehensive mold management and mold maintenance program.

Whether you need a new mold designed and machined from aluminum, stainless steel, or tool steel, or repairs for an existing mold, UpMold can provide you with the expertise and craftsmanship to deliver quality molds and mold services.  please contact us directly.

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Upmold offering service for injection molding

We are offering high quality mold and The mold type as below:

  • Precision mold

  • Double injection mold
  • Overmolding mould
  • Hot & Cold runner system mold
  • Insert tooling
  • Unscrewing mould
  • Gas assisted mold
  • Large size mold
  • Multi & Single Cavity mold
  • automotive car door trim injection molded
  • automotive-front-door-trim by Upmold
  • automotive rear bumper

We are offering mold manufacturing cover as below:

  • Automobile products

  • Household appliance
  • Commodity
  • Medical apparatus
  • Office appliance
  • Telecommunication tools
  • Consumer Electronics
  • General Industry
  • Optics

How to do your project at Up Mold

We are doing your project according the below progress diagram

molds and toolings manufacturing management guiding line