Precision Mold Making

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Precision Plastic Injection mold & tooling Making at Upmold

plastic injection mold making room

At UpMold ,The mold making department is capable of constructing and repairing numerous types of injection molds. plastic industries have significant experience in most modern mold construction systems and are fully capable of handling total construction testing and final production with ease. We are well experienced in dealing with

  • High cavitations molds
  • Appropriate hot runner design and selection.
  • Low cycle molds (5000 shots)
  • High cycle molds ( over 10 million )
  • Multi-Material molding (2k) and insert molding
  • Gas Assist molding
  • Foam Injection techniques
  • Close tolerance Molding
  • Elastomeric molding
  • Compression molding
  • In-Mold Labeling
  • Thin wall molding
  • High Heat molding
  • Precise part moldings
precision plastic injection mold manufacturing
precision mold making

High Speed CNC Machining

precision mould making

Double EDM Sparking

precision tooling making

Mirror EDM Sparking

precision plastic injection molds

Multiple Cavities Cap Mold

precision plastic injection mould

Multiple Cavities  Tooling

precision plastic injection tooling

Multiple Cavities Half Mould